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It’s Your Turn! Define (or Re-define) Your Personal Definition of Success

SuccessfulGirl is a creative online space for women of all business backgrounds and experience to come together, laugh, be inspired, learn and share innovative tips and gain access to tools that can make all the difference in your business, career and life.

It’s our mission to help you define (or redefine) what your definition of personal and professional success is. Then we give you the tools and the confidence to go out there and achieve it!!!!


What People Say

How I Went From Stay-At-Home Mom to NASCAR Marketing Maven, to Helping Online Entrepreneurs Build a life and Career they Love!

Hi, I’m Francine

I’m a business coach, author, beach lover and espresso fanatic. I’ve spent the last 10 years helping female entrepreneurs create and launch brands that they love!

My journey started when I was a stay at home mom of two. I always had dreams of starting a business. Who knew that only a few years later I would be running the first woman-owned motorsports marketing firm on the east coast in the NASCAR and INDY series! All while working from home and raising my children. The best of both worlds!

Motorsports Marketing Maven

Through my company G&G Motorsports Marketing, I partnered with Fortune 500 companies to oversee branding for nation-wide campaigns within NASCAR and INDY Series! I had to find my way through entrepreneurship and pioneer my way through a male-dominated industry.

The Start of Something New

When I first started my business, I was reading all of these business books that were well over 200 pages and they taught me absolutely nothing! It was SO frustrating!

After years of trial and error, I got it down to a science and I’d get so many people asking me how I made my business so successful. So I decided it was time to start teaching others how to start and manage their own dream businesses! 

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SuccessfulGirl Podcast »

Hosted By Francine Carney Schill
Educator, Author, @SuccessfulGirlPodcast, Beach Lover & Espresso Fanatic!

SuccessfulGirl Podcast

Great Brands Tell Great Stories, What’s Yours?

Dreaming of starting a new career or business? If you – Have the concept but are not sure how to proceed - About to launch a new career/business -– Already launched but didn’t receive the results you expected or Looking to grow your business – You are in the right place!

Each Week Francine Will bring you productivity tips, Strategies, Tips & Tricks and new systems and tools to start, grow and ignite your passion and your dream business on a budget!

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Not Sure How To Start? I'm Here To Help!

It’s Just that simple~  Start Your own business digitally for under $200.00!

  • The Create, Brand Launch lab is a course built to help any entrepreneur, creative dreamer, or just simply anyone looking to start their own business digitally.
  • Included in the course is Branding, Naming, Marketing, Social Media, SEO tactics, Communications, Graphics, Budgets, Web Design,Systems,Free Tools and tons of bonus content including a Business Plan for a Startup Business that consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets! You get over 20 downloadable cheatsheets/templates to get you started!
  • I tell it all, how I did it step by step! I show you how and what tools and resources I used to designed my website... I take you step-by-step to get your website up and Launched! I tell who I use for graphics all tools and resources that I used to start my business on a budget!

I Did The Work So You Don't Have to!

I’m giving away all the details! I wish someone would’ve handed me all of this knowledge when I was starting out. You’ll save so much time and energy because this course will show you what tools to use, how to design your own visual identity, create your business narrative, plan your budget, and take your business from dream to reality!

You Don't Want To Miss This!

BONUS: THERE IS MORE… you get a chance to mastermind with the group and myself, ask questions and be inspired in our private facebook group!


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